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Review God of War 2018, Need More Improvement

God of war already become popular when the first time it released, before it’s coming to PS4 console, This game title has famous for many console player and countries. His fascinating adventure about Kratos which bring Greece myth makes this game very popular and has a lot of fans. With his excellent graphics and beautiful scenery during his journey will make you enjoy the entire game without getting any boring.

I instantly become fans since the first time, I played in the PS2 Console, It’s a God of War 2, This game is so impressive and makes me want to try another series like God Of War 1, God of War 3, and God of War PS4. The Adventure of Kratos never ends, even He almost kills his father Zeus, his ambition is getting bigger and bigger.

This is proven in God of War 2018, where He and his son fight together to revenge what the God has done to them. And this is it. Another great adventure is starting in God of War 2018.

We will discuss and review together about this epic game guys. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with my opinion, it depends on you, whether you like this review or not. Many great websites give it a very positive review, very recommended, and even giving a perfect score (10/10). I don’t try it yet guys, but I always updating information, gameplay, and his performance in the internet, so I can imagine how does it look like.

This game has very excellent and realistic graphics, whit the advance of PS4, can bring God of War to the most impressive graphics in the entire series. But, even though the graphics are amazing, the camera angle and action are a bit different with his predecessor. It looks closer than before, and look semi third-person shooter, where the angle is focusing on character and little for scenery and background.

This can limit Kratos move and action. Cause him to get limited move and attack. And unlike before, He has no Blade of Chaos anymore, his weapon is only Axe, Shield that can turn into a boomerang, and his great punches and kicks.

Furthermore, in the trailer, we will see some great weapon moves and action performed so very nice and very exciting. Make us become curious and hope there will be more weapon and action to get and to do. But after we watch it or feel it by playing it. You will realize that the axe and shield are the only weapons in this game.

There are no more great weapon like this. The trailer just tricked us by showing his excellent attack of Kratos, his Axe attack move, boomerang attack from the shield, giant snake boss, and etch. After you reach the end of the game you will be dependent on axe and shield weapon. The last boss is just god with human size and great power, nota monster or giant golem.

So, this is the cons of God of War 2018 :

  1. Doesn’t provide many weapons 
  2. Movement is limited because of camera angle is changed
  3. Last boss not exciting

And this is the pros of God of War 2018 :

  1. Excellent graphics
  2. Excellent attack move
  3. The beautiful and stunning scenery

So I decided to give this game score (7/7), This game need improvement in combat and movement, especially in camera angle. Getting camera angle like that will make you harder to play in difficult mode because you can’t see the enemy from other side. Thanks for read my article guys, sorry for bad English, I still need more learning. Have a nice day!

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