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MEMORY HACK Crack v0.12.0 Update

MEMORY HACK Crack v0.12.0 Update

Memory Hackers cheat for Tencent Gaming Buddy Full Guide and Antiban host files 0.12.0
Hack PUBG Mobile emulator using memory hack 100% safe and Antiban on 0.12.0 update is here.


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1. Alert Esp
2. Off screen Esp
3. Enemy range
4. Weapon options( NEW )
5. No recoil (PERFECT)
6. Bullet Control (PERFECT)



1. Aimbot  (on/off)
2. Aim Key Bind
3. Fov Limit
4. Smooth firing experience (with no recoil)
5. Move Prediction ( Predicts where to shoot so bullet hits the Head)
6. Lock on Knockdown Enemy

1. Laser Esp
2. Snaplines
3. Health Esp
4. Box Esp
5. Skeleton ESP
6. Grenade Esp/warning
7. Enemy Distance ESP
8. Enemy state ESP
9. All vehicles ESP
10. Dead Enemy crate ESP
360degree RADAR
1. Spots enemy before you do

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                                     RAR PASSWORD : mh
This hack is now updated to App Store version 0.12.0! This hack is currently working, however Tencent will undoubtedly start detecting it again. Please only use on a throwaway account unless told otherwise. I cannot provide much information regarding the Anti-Ban because there are Tencent spies watching. The important note in the first post is also updated, please give it a read.
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